i'm all but leaving facebook.

many of you have heard me threaten to leave facebook and a few have rightfully made fun of me for not following through with it but now i'm serious. facebook is over for me. i've spent too much time scrolling through a feed of useless rants and random buzzfeed articles. because of this, I've decided to seriously scale back the amount I use the site at all. the social network is being surpassed by other entities in terms of creativity, usefulness, and generating community in leaps and bounds. the only area facebook has any game is in the number of people with accounts, unfortunately giving me just enough reason to keep it active. other than being useful for some measures of contact, it's littered with ads, political propaganda, and let's be honest here: i really don't care that tiffany's mom liked that johnny shared the portrait video of that one cat sneezing. it's adorable, the end. 


here's how I'm leaving facebook, without actually leaving facebook.


1) the app has been deleted my phone. i actually removed it a few days ago and I don't miss it in the slightest. i'll keep the messenger app as a way to respond to people, share contact info, etc, etc.


2) i will be limiting, reposting to facebook, the posts, pictures, and videos that reside on other social networking sites. 


3) occasionally, if I think it will benefit others or make my mom laugh, i will post to Facebook. this will be seldom. of course any big news in the life of robby will make their due appearance on my wall/timeline/whatever-they-are-calling-it.


4) i will check Facebook for notifications, at most, once a day. don't try to reach me there for for anything critical or time sensitive. that's why Steve invented iMessage. i'll also not be checking facebook on my sabbath day which is typically monday. nothing super spiritual here, just one more thing I don't need to be doing that day.


5) I might still use facebook to rsvp for events. it's a definite maybe.


here's where else you'll be able to stay connected with me.

twitter has allowed me to develop some truly close friendships. it's simple and i love it. if you don't love twitter perhaps you aren't using a great client like tweetbot, which I highly recommend.

instagram is fun. little square pictures of filtered life. my sandwich never looked so good.

i just joined vsco and am excited to post my iPhone photography to the grid. The community there seems pretty legit too.

this blog is something I hope to get better at keeping up to date and make a part of my online routine.

lastly I'm excited about joining ello. if you don't know what that is, it's a brand new social site with a clean look, simple navigation and is guaranteed to never use ads, even making the mandate a part of the company's bylaws. it's just entering public beta so holler at me if you want an invite. if it can manage to stay uncluttered and yet still connect me to useful content and people, i'm in. i love the minimalist nature and of course, the idea of never having ads.


so there it is. goodbye facebook. I doubt you'll be missed.